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South Park Trauma: A Collection

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What is this?
This is a sort of catalog of all the horrible, traumatic, and downright disturbing shit that the kids of South Park experience at the merciless hands of Trey Parker and Matt Stone. The kind of things that could fuel therapy sessions for decades if they happened in real life.

This is about the kids, by the way. There are plenty of fucked up adults in South Park, but we don't care about them.

Uh… why are you doing this?
1) This is my strange idea of fun.
2) I think this could be a useful contribution to South Park fandom, especially as inspiration and as a fact-checking resource for fanworks. Having every messed up, traumatic incident that has ever happened to the kids laid out like this could be both handy and aw(esome/ful) to read. South Park is a massive beast of Simpsons-like proportions and bursting with material. I hope this will be a valuable tool for fans.
3) I’m all for creating more areas for fandom discussion! These posts will always be open for comment (including by anons, unless I get some great influx of trolls).

Do you realize that LiveJournal is functionally dead?
Yeah. But I like the format for this purpose, and I’ll be posting links on Tumblr, where South Park fandom seems to live these days. You don't have to have an LJ account to participate.

How does this work, and how do the tags work?
You can find all the tags here. For tips, check out the sticky post.

...you're just gonna get bored and abandon this after three seasons, aren't you?
I'll try very hard not to.

Other useful links:
South Park Wiki: Episode and character guides, trivia, scripts, etc. Awesome canon resource
South Park Studios: Watch episodes online for free